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My CPLP Story

In late 2017, as I began reflecting on past achievements and planning out my path for the future, I knew that I was looking for a professional growth opportunity. Through my social network, I learned about the Certified Professional in Learning & Performance (CPLP) credential through the ATD Certification Institute.

I was seeking not only to prove my worth and be confident in my knowledge/experience as an Instructional Designer, but I also
wanted something more comprehensive and linked to business and performance improvement to satisfy my professional needs and enrich my career.

The Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) is broad based and measures a talent development professionals’ competency in 10 areas of expertise (AOEs) with a focus on global mindset as defined by the latest ATD Competency Model.

My journey toward certification was approximately one year, although admittedly I wasn’t studying continuously throughout the year. I passed the Knowledge Exam in June 2018 and the Skills Application Exam (Instructional Design) in November 2018. I’m fortunate to have passed both exams on my first attempt. And, while this may imply that I have some secret recipe for success, I assure you – I do not! I think it all boils down to knowing yourself as a student. Do you need a comprehensive study plan? Do you need to pace yourself slowly, or do you perform well when you essentially “cram” for a test? Would studying with a group be helpful, or do you prefer to study on your own?

I utilized the CPLP Learning System as well as a few other resources shared by other candidates in the CPLP Candidate Prep group on LinkedIn. There is an extensive amount of material to cover, so pacing is important. It was beneficial for me to allow a week prior to examination to go back through the learning system to answer all of the quiz questions at the end of each chapter. Additionally, I used that time to take the practice test a couple times. I found this valuable for assessing and identifying any areas of focus.

One of my favorite podcasts is “Why Not Now” with Amy Jo Martin, where the premise is “you know that thing you’ve been thinking about doing? …why not now?” If you’ve been thinking about pursuing the CPLP credential from ATD, then ask yourself, “why not now?” (and if you need a few reasons to do that in 2019, read this!)

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