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Choose Your Own E-Learning Adventure

In the interest of removing my “Participate in eLearning challenges” task from my location-based alerts, I’ll finally get back into the swing of these weekly challenges by sharing my submission for the “Choose Your Own E-Learning Adventure #181” challenge from last week.  (I did post a submission for ELH #182, but it was just a simple post that I provided a link to).

What I’m sharing for this challenge is an excerpt from the annual compliance training I created for our organization this year.  In the past, we have had to create/update four separate courses and assign them to a learning path for each employee.  Everything was very linear and locked-down, so the user didn’t have much control at all.  Additionally, we were not allowed to offer an advanced option, for those that may be familiar with the content from previous years.  This year, I was given much more flexibility in the design, which was great news, since the content didn’t change much.  I wanted to make it at least LOOK new, haha!

First, I was able to combine all four courses into one, and apply a theme!  Since we use resources from the eLearning Brothers library, I started my search there for an appropriate theme with lots of supporting resources.  As an avid fitness junkie, I immediately gravitated to the cross-train resources and decided we would go with the training theme.  Putting four courses into one, would require one level of branching, to allow the learner to select their “workout”.  Then, it would be necessary to track completion of all workouts, so the learner would not be able to get credit for only completing one part of the training.

Next, I was also given permission to allow an advanced route for three of the courses (or, workouts), so that added another level of branching.  Once the learner decides what workout to do, they would then select their “fitness level” and that would branch them to either the content, or straight to the quiz.  Here’s a look at the branching for the course:

The custom menu for the course was a “workout log” from which the learner selects the workout they want to complete.  I added triggers at the end of each workout scene on the results slide that would mark the workouts as completed once they return to the workout log.  After all workouts were marked as complete, a  link to the course acknowledgement appeared and the results of the course acknowledgement is what the LMS uses to mark the course as completed.

Progress is saved for the learners, so they are able to complete as much as they can in one setting, and return at any time to continue.  As you can imagine, our employees were thrilled with the choices they were able to make in their learning path. Most employees that have been with the company would select the advance route and complete the training in a shorter amount of time than those that were new and selected the beginner route.

One additional level of branching that I added was “hints” to some quiz questions that would lightbox a content slide. That was pretty easy to do, and helped the learner not have to start from the beginning if they just needed a hint or two to advance.

We’ll be continuing this way of designing and delivering our compliance training next year based on all of the positive feedback. The question for you is, what should the theme be?

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