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Combining Text and Images in E-Learning

Last week’s E-Learning Challenge #152 was combining text and images in eLearning. I saw a link to the recap posted on Twitter, so I spent a little time looking at the many examples to gather ideas for my own projects. One idea that I didn’t see shared yet was using a gradient mask as an alternative technique to set transparency over images and provide some screen real estate for text. I recently used this technique in a deck for a safety presentation on slips, trips and falls, so I decided to submit that slide for the challenge.  Here is a snapshot of the slide:

ELH 152

I did this one in PowerPoint, since that was the medium used for the safety presentation.  It’s actually harder to do the gradient in PowerPoint than it is in Photoshop, so my preference is to layer the gradient mask in Ps and then bring it in to PowerPoint or Storyline as the background image.  In PowerPoint, I did a linear gradient on a rectangle layer, adding a few stops and adjusting the transparency of each:

Gradient mask


It  looks decent but not nearly as smooth as in Photoshop.  Here is a great tutorial on creating image fades by Destery & Mark:


I hope you are able to utilize this technique in your projects.  Share your examples in the comments. 🙂

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