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Life After Whole 30

What is the Whole 30? Well check it out all the details for yourself at Basically, it is a nutritional reset, eliminating the most common foods that have an undesirable impact on your health (or relationship with food). After 30 days without certain food groups, you slowly reintroduce them back into your diet, one at a time, to determine how they affect your life and your long-term health.

I did my first round of Whole 30 last year and it changed my life (how I feel, how I cook, meal-prep, etc.) for the better.  This year, I decided to join the #SeptemberWhole30 challenge to be a part of the group challenge and benefit from all the support from the organizers and participants. You can see what I ate during my #SeptemberWhole30 on my Instagram account.


So, what’s next? How is #lifeafterwhole30? Since I’ve done the slow-roll reintroduction on the last round, I already have insight into which food groups negatively affect my health.  I’ve been thinking about what I may be missing in my diet throughout the 30 days and the only thing I’ve truly missed is my stevia drops!  I don’t see any reason to reintroduce anything I haven’t really missed.  Yet!

Another tool I have to evaluate my food choices is Melissa Hartwig‘s newest book, Food Freedom Forever, that was just released yesterday.  I started reading it today and I can already see that it will offer great guidance for helping me stay in control of the foods I eat (and, therefore, how I feel).

Thinking of doing Whole 30?  Let me know and I’ll share my favorite tips and inspirations.

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