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Boom! I finished the Whole 30

After visiting a nutritionist a couple months ago and analyzing my health, I decided to commit to complete the Whole 30 program.  The results of my blood composition test indicated that I had a lot of inflammation.  Having no other issues, it seemed the best thing to do was analyze what I’ve been eating and how that effects everything from energy and mental clarity to skin issues and digestion.

Whole 30 is basically an elimination diet.  You remove all of the problem “foods” for 30 days and then slowly re-introduce them back, one at a time, to evaluate how things like dairy may effect your weight, mood, skin, energy, etc.

Whole 30 Complete!


Luckily, my husband wanted to join me on this journey.  Even my teenager welcomed the delicious meals.  Now the hardest part of being successful is taking the time to plan and prep, but that is part of the learning process.  I realized it really doesn’t take that long to prepare a delicious, healthy meal.  I learned how to read food labels and that there is added sugar in nearly everything on the grocery store shelf!

We decided to “practice” for a couple weeks before we actually started Whole 30, which helped us to start analyzing everything we ate and sort of get in the mindset before committing. Now we are in the reintroduction phase and I’ve never felt better.

If you decide to try it, make sure to build your social network to support you throughout your journey.  I found the constant inspiration, recipes, positive messages, tips for meal prepping, etc. so be invaluable.


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