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Design a Comic Theme Challenge

Just minding my own business this morning, checking Twitter and saw this post by David Anderson:

Comic Tweet






Well it just happens that I did a mock-up a couple weeks ago for a client when proposing a few design options for a course on HR Fundamentals. So, I published my sample and posted my submission to the E-Learning Challenge #11 so I can get feedback from others. I remember reviewing some of the submissions by others when I was thinking of the comic layout as an option for this course design. If you haven’t taken a look yet at the submissions, head on over there and you’ll be inspired like I was.

I designed few intro slides for content on the role of a Supervisor and then I present a “menu” of scenarios that a supervisor would encounter.  I mocked up the Hiring Practices scenario for the SME to look at.  Take a look and let me know what you think (click the image to launch the demo)…

Comic Title ScreenshotComic Screenshot


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